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V-line surgery

V-line surgery is the operation to modify jaw bone from the U-shape to the V-shape which include;

1. Chin augmentation 

    Modify tip of the chin to more anterior project. The most popular technique from Korea is cutting the bone into T-shape and remove the central part as the figure below.Then move the remaining lateral part medially and fix together with titanium plate and screw.


2. Remove lower rim of the bone, start from tip of the chin to the jaw area as highlight in red below. 

การผ่าตัดวีไลน์ในไทยที่ Saonanon Clinic

        Due to complexity of the operation, it will be carry on under general anesthesia by dr.Sarun in the hospital, under close monitor by our anesthesiologist.


       Before operation  X-ray scan of the face area is required for proper evaluation and surgical planning. It will be ordered according to an area needed to be corrected.

       On the operation day  For general anesthesia, you need to be withheld from all food and drink at least 8 hours prior to the operation. In the morning, there will be blood test, chest x-ray and EKG. After the operation, you need hospitalization for 1 day, or at least 8 hours.  


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