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We offer medical consultation of both cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgeries for adult and children. 

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Double eyelid surgery

Create an eyelid crease is the most performed cosmetic surgery around the eye in Asian country. East and South-East Asian usually has a single eyelid which makes eye look smaller and not attractive. There are 3 type of operations. 

Medial epicanthoplasty

An eye is the most recognized and impressed area of the face. Short and small eye usually result in tired and dull expression. Enlarge the medial corner of the eye makes you look brighter and more self-confidence.

Blepharoptosis correction

Droopy eyelid cover the upper part of your eye, can obscure your vision and cause lazy eye in children. If only one eye is effect, can cause asymmetry of the eye which result in poor personality 

Baggy eyelid correction

Baggy eyelid or under eye bag is the protrusion of the eye fat pad and sagging of the surrounding soft tissue. It can be prominent since teenager and getting worse when you get older. This is not a disease but can casue you look tired and older than you should be.



There are 3 main type of operations

  • Closed technique: Is the surgery without incision on the skin, some doctor will use term " 3 point suture" for this type of operation


  • Open technique: Is the standard long incision technique, the length of incision is equal to your eyelid crease length   

  • Small incision technique: Is the adapt version of open technique, with only around 1 cm length of incision


Blepharoptosis repair perform by strengthening, tightening ot shortening of the muscle that function to open the eye. Can be divide into for cosmetic reason and functional reason. In severe degree, blepharoptosis can obscure vision and cause loss of upper field of view. The surgery can be focus on one of these 3 muscle namely; Mueller's muscle, Levator muscle or frontalis muscle

Old way lower blepharoplasty focus only on remove the excessive fat under the eye but current concept of surgery including correction of under eye circle by cutting the orbitomalar ligament and re-position the under eye fat to create uniformly round midface. This new technique is prove to be better result and last longer. Now there are 2 ways of surgical approach;


  • Through skin (Transcutaneous approach): incision under the eye lashes


  • Through conjunctiva (Transconjunctival approach): no skin incision 

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