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It's not our work. It's our passion.

It's not our work. It's our passion.

เศาณานนท์คลินิก saonanon clinic

Welcome to

Saonanon Clinic

Assist.Prof. Preamjit Saonanon, MD 

Oculoplastic surgeon

Sarun Saonanon, MD

Plastic surgeon

We are eyelid and cosmetic surgery specialists. Our services include both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the eye, the nose and the facial bone. 

Our Services

Why are we different?


         Facial surgeries, especially the eyelid surgery, need highly trained and experienced surgeon. Nowadays, many untrained physician advertised and performing cosmetic surgeries which sometimes cause complications which lead to permanent facial disfigures and even death. In our clinic, the surgical result and your satisfaction is our primary concern, unlike most cosmetic clinic which built for profit.

All eyelid cases in our clinic were treated by Dr.Preamjit. She is a well-known speaker and instructor in eyelid surgery to many national and international academic meetings. Therefore, you can be assured that your surgical result will be the best.  

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 Dr.Sarun is a certified Plastic surgeon who specialized in doing Asian open rhinoplasty including open rhinoplasty and tip surgery to correct saddle nose with blunt tip or bulbous nose, revision surgery for one with previous silicone insertion. 

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